Welcome to the world of crafting!
Alchemy, Tinkering, Tailoring, Blacksmithing and Carpentry.

Earn achievements
Exploration, dungeon, town,
monsters and crafting achievements.
Track your monster kills
Track how many times each monster has been killed,
and the total amount killed!

Train your skills,
You can build warrior, mage, archer, tamer...

Playing whit players
Play on a server that is growing in poularity everyday!
Play with your friends or make new ones!
Explore dungeons and secret places with your friends.
PVM, RP and PVP players are welcome.

Find platinum coin
Platium coins are a hard to find and very valuable commodity.
Players can earn/find the coins in a variety of ways.
The coins can be used to buy donation$ items.

ERA : Renaissance
All new feature in old school environement.
A lot of custom, but you feel like 1997.
Rpg based server, D&D games.
Evrything is automated.
10 years of work and a proffesional staff.
Chicago hosted dedicated server (700mb/s).
Welcome home!

To all of those for whom it’s the first
time you are hearing of Elder Ultima,
We bid you welcome, and to any of
those who have played during Ultima
Online’s long history or who have seen
Britania through any of the other
Ultima games, we bid you welcome
home.There’s no place like it, or so
we’re always told.

Elder Ultima is a Renaissance era,
Ultima Online free shard that is
growing in popularity everyday.Build
your legacy now and become a legend!
Explore the expansive world of Britania
and discover hidden parts of the land
while completing all the new
achievements!Raise your skills to
progress, the ratio is fast to
medium to slow at end.

Animal taming and crafting skills are
balanced to be even with fighting and
mage skill progression.Leveling
system does not affect the gameplay
mechanics, this leveling system is for
seeing the progression of the hunting
experience. This system Keeps track of
every monster you kill in the world!

You can do a daily quest, repeating
quests and single quests.The quest
system is unique because it works with
your Guild.

Mage Guild, Warrior Guild...Collect the
quest points, raise your rank and
unlock special features.

“Dream RPG Ultima Online Server”




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